Brandon Lee
The Crow
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Alex Proyas. Director.
Alex Proyas


Работы Alex Proyas
2004) I, Robot --Director
(2002) Garage Days --Writer,Producer,Director
(2001) 10th Victim -- Writer
(1998) Dark City -- Writer,Producer,Director
(1994) The Crow -- Director
(1994) Book of Dreams: 'Welcome to Crateland'--Cinematographer
(1989) Spirits of the Air, Gremlins of the Clouds --Writer,Producer,Director
(1984) A Girl's Own Story --Composer
(1983) Passionless Moments --Guest Cinematographer
Сайты  Alex Proyas

About Brandon Lee dead: 
"We were very good friends. I never wanted to finish that movie," says Proyas, who says he's prone to depression. "I didn't give a damn about the movie frankly, my friend had died and that's all I could see. We shut down production and I went back to Sydney and spent a month trying to stop having nightmares."
-Alex Proyas

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